Saturday, May 22, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010


Vincents very intelligent father answers your questions?

"Dear Hugo, 

what keeps the universe together?"

Zat is a very deep qvestion,  physically it is a matter of ze forces of Gravity vhich does the job well, but as you might know ze universe is expanding so it could be to something a lot more complex. 

I Zeorise a particle that isn't affected by gravity as we know it but acts as a bungee cord for all matter. I call it ze Aurica particle (after my lovely vife, zough she doesn't believe in science because of her gypsy upbringing... but zats another story...) basically vat it does is focus the connections between large bodies like stars and  ze further zey get apart ze more ze Aurica partical enacts a stronger force and the connection between zem is stronger. Like a good marriage ze more time has passed the stronger the connection... hmph And zey say i'm not romantic...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

An Experiment

one of distant My Ideas is to create a virtual little realm of Dunbarton to explore around and see the GsH locations. This is a LONG TERM GOAL - but here is a little experiment at getting the Gate Street Bus inside the Torque game engine. you cant drive it (yet) but its something i'm playing with.

Like i said - long term - but id like you to see what i'm up to.


Monday, May 10, 2010

This Thursday 13/5/2010 - and next thursday - 20/5/2010 14:00 to 17:00

We are Looking for the Voices for 5 Gate Street Characters for Short Character Pieces

Tyson - 14 years old - (Minotaur) - the School Bully - he's a bit of a boof-head but does... have a (well hidden) soft gentle side.

Ophidia - 14 years old - (Gorgon) - The loner girl with a talent for the theater. She is prone to staring when angry and likely to turn someone to stone. She comes from a strict Greek family

Bradley - 14 years old - (Human) - Bradley is the Van Helsing to Vincent's Vampire, the Silver bullet To Julius's werewolf. Lead (and only) member of the 'No Monster Club' he aims to rid Gate st of the Monsters because they shouldn't exist

Qing (Ching) - 14 years old - (Chinese Rain Dragon) - Qing is as wild and free as the weather that she controls. She is prone to changes in mood like the weather and transforms into a drogon when she swallows her little blue pearl.

Thomas - 14 years old - (Faun/Satyr) - Thomas is one of the least liked Gate street 'Monsters' Mostly due to his lecherous nature and his propensity to eat garbage, he however is oblivious to the disdain.

Ms Telford - Unknown age - (Human) - The school Nurse - is kind and gentle and a wonder to modern medicine, its a wonder if there is something all together more about her.

Message for an Audition Slot.

We will have text to read from on the day

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ask Hugo

Vincents very intelligent father answers your questions

Dear Hugo,
How come your arms are skin coloured but your face is blue?

Aaron H.
Heh, you must not be a mad scientist Aaron, Vat you are seeing is not my arms but my big yellow inpenetrable gloves, good for handling all sorts of dangerous chemicals, and zey are quite stylish, dont you think?
My face (and arms inside ze gloves) are blue due to ze state of ze vampiric biology. Some zink zat its because ve are cold skinned, but zat is not so. Our blood doesn't process oxygen so it wont turn red. Zis and high concentrations of ze element cobalt in our systems adds to our strong blue complexion