Monday, May 10, 2010

This Thursday 13/5/2010 - and next thursday - 20/5/2010 14:00 to 17:00

We are Looking for the Voices for 5 Gate Street Characters for Short Character Pieces

Tyson - 14 years old - (Minotaur) - the School Bully - he's a bit of a boof-head but does... have a (well hidden) soft gentle side.

Ophidia - 14 years old - (Gorgon) - The loner girl with a talent for the theater. She is prone to staring when angry and likely to turn someone to stone. She comes from a strict Greek family

Bradley - 14 years old - (Human) - Bradley is the Van Helsing to Vincent's Vampire, the Silver bullet To Julius's werewolf. Lead (and only) member of the 'No Monster Club' he aims to rid Gate st of the Monsters because they shouldn't exist

Qing (Ching) - 14 years old - (Chinese Rain Dragon) - Qing is as wild and free as the weather that she controls. She is prone to changes in mood like the weather and transforms into a drogon when she swallows her little blue pearl.

Thomas - 14 years old - (Faun/Satyr) - Thomas is one of the least liked Gate street 'Monsters' Mostly due to his lecherous nature and his propensity to eat garbage, he however is oblivious to the disdain.

Ms Telford - Unknown age - (Human) - The school Nurse - is kind and gentle and a wonder to modern medicine, its a wonder if there is something all together more about her.

Message for an Audition Slot.

We will have text to read from on the day

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