Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hokay, so I went ahead and tried creating some designs, probably breaking a billion rules in the process. Everything below are based on some form of monster, I couldn't think of a decent creature off of the top of my head so I wikipediadededed a list and came up with Cyclops, Harpy and Murlock; the first image being a vampire. Where Vincent is a typical Transelvanian vampire, she is an American vampire; demographically speaking. But yursh, marvel; I feel I need to work on my colour schemes though, along with downsizing on the details. I'll schoolify myself laters... or, like, never.

For the record, I put fangs on her to establish her race, but colour prevents it from showing and I didn't bother lifting a finger to sort that part out... but it's there.

Originally I had a hulking, stupid, nose picking student in mind for the Cyclops persona, but somehow it turned into this. So instead it's a cranky music teacher weilding a drumstick.

Kinda decided on creating a much more deformed character in the ways of their monster persona, I threw a hand gesture in there to explain how the wings very much act the same as a hand would; the masquerade of hair made working on colour a nusance in its own right.

Then I figured I'd mold a murlock student. I think colour worked out best here, except with the eyes; initially the iris and pupil were all black and they just looked like huge puppy dog eyes. Story: He's asking why all the water in the pool has been drained.

Hope everywan likes. I found it quite entertaining to design images from a guide over complete scratch of my own style; it's kind of like a 'Create your avatar!' website or something, except you get tonnes more freedom. Not that I dont enjoy drawing in my own style though.


  1. Nice Stuff Miles, I AM however beginning to see the holes in my rules so thanks for testing them :D

    I like the Cyclops, and Lets Call the Fish guy a Lagoonie or something so blizzard doesnt eat us!
    All the heads are perfect, there are places where the lines can be straighter.

    Awesome Stuff, look forward to more

  2. oh and yes, remember the 1/3 stepdowns from Eye/Iris/Pupil.. ignore this on the Lagoonie, his eyes are perfect


  3. These look TERRIFIC! I love them. Great job Miles!

  4. Great job Miles! looking forward to seeing more! :)