Monday, September 14, 2009

Production Competition

Schoolies Designs
I have 4 Schoolies T Shirts on order to give Away, to those that can produce the best work in the following Categories

1: Best Monster Student Design - Will also be the 6th monster in the Schoolies Class group (After the 4 Main Characters and Ophidia)

2: Best 'Normal' Student Design - 5 Normal Students will be needed for the class.

3: Best Schoolies Wallpaper / Halloween / Christmas Card - featuring any of the main Characters, this can be an animated (as it can be sent via Email!)

4: Best Premise for Schoolies Episode (a Paragraph outline)

I will of course judge the Competition, Any Submissions should be sent to me at with "SCHOOLIES COMP" in the title by the 9th of October 2009, So Hop to it!

Art Style Guidelines can be found Here! Remember Simplicity and nice straight or neat curves, dont make your characters too wide.

Background information can be found Here


  1. So who can enter T? and which shirts can they win?

  2. Nice! I already have ideas for two of those. But what date should we get our entries in by?

  3. anyone can enter, so send out the news

    Miles i'll judge things as they come in - but the characters will be judged before the episode proper