Thursday, November 19, 2009

While we are thinking about stuff i should take the time to mention my Animators, all graduates of the various animation collages around Perth in WA. Helping us out in a Big way is the Film and Television Institute, situated in Fremantle WA. So special thanks goes out to those there, @Phil Bebb, @Ebbie Williams, @Fern Nicholson, @Noah Norton and @Glen Adams who have all been a great help in getting Schoolies happening.

Tomorrow night a group of FTI animation students Graduate, and I am immensly proud, not because i taught them and now they are animation slaves for me, but because they are all fantastic talented animators who are tight knit enough to rival the mighty magnificent 7 (you might know the mag 7 as the Doomwhales [DoooooWhooot!])

so Angie, Dan, Bianca, Shani, Miles, Crystal, Richard and Lenny, Have a Great night and all my best wishes to you all.


PS - if dan is up for it I should post Arrr here so you all can see their first film!

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