Thursday, November 5, 2009

Voice recording!

What a blast we had recording voices for Schoolies last Friday!

We discovered so much talent during the auditions. It was hard to choose between them, but in the end we found all our characters, and there were a lot of "Ah ha! You'll be perfect!" moments.

On recording day, all our actors took direction well and fitted their characters like gloves. Gloves with excellent diction and interpretive skills.

Wendi Graham, sound engineer extraordinaire, came in to look after us. Wendi has the keen hearing of rare nocturnal marsupials. Not only can she detect the smallest sound problem, but more importantly, she has the technical expertise and experience to fix it on the spot.

Our voices are with Wendi now, being polished and buffed. When they come back we can get into the real meat of animating this first episode. I can't wait.

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